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More interest please

Presidents day blog, quick and simple. No more presidents? What on Earth would we do?

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Stacking the Sun

hey wordpress thanks for the Free Things…
Here is a Picture of what I called Stacking the Sun II, You can find the full video Stacking the Sun I, of 2:24 seconds on the following link.

Stacking the Sun is Better in Video Any way http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/video/video.php?v=150040055057388

Check out the video


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I was here… February 25, 2011

I just don’t have anything nice to say…

Perhaps a list of things you can and probably are already doing to HELP collapse the economy.

1) DO NOT complaining out loud about the crooks in control of money (Banks, Wall Street, Mortgage Companies, Insurance Companies)
2) Continue buying things on sale
3) Continue to by things from China
4) Don’t demand products from the U.S.A
5) Keep paying your mortgage
6) Keep signing contracts, any contract, even new credit debt with interest, phone plans
7) Don’t mention to the employees that you are sick of companies having control
8) Keep throwing away everything
9) Keep driving your petroleum based vehicles
10) Keep paying the higher prices at the pump
11) Keep going to work
12) Keep paying your insurance
13) Keep playing the lottery
14) Keep watching Televisions
15) Keep out of Politics
16) Keep spreading Religion
17) Keep thinking you can make a million and be famous
18) Keep thinking America is Capitalistic
19) Keep thinking that any segregation is okay
20) Don’t mind the few who are trying to HELP

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A.P.E. Rock Garden Army February 9, 2011

Holy, I made a ton of rock statues, I just couldn’t stop. Every time I would stop I would find a new rock that wanted to be part of the army. I just kept stacking and stacking. People were coming and going. Taking pictures, and commenting to me as well as each other.

A few surfers checked out my work for the day as well. They were out there entertaining me and here I was providing them with entertainment when they get done.

One surfer was asking me the name of the statues I was making. I had no idea, so I’ll have to look that up later.

I think I need to be on the wiki page for this effort. This was 29 statues I created that will no longer be there tomorrow due to the tide. I have been doing this for a while now just no one “important” has noticed me. Well F you people, I’m a rock stacker, I can can balance quicker then you can pick up a rock. Size, shape, no challenges. Anything goes, and each statue will never be for sale.

Here are my blurry images, if you would like to by be a new iPhone4, Version please I can document better.

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Stacking Rocks Still

I’m still stacking rocks, I keep getting told “there is this one guy… in… that is stacking rocks…” Yeah. Well that’s what I’m doing, do you have something productive to add to my activity? How about you stacking some rocks.

I’m not sure what it is but artist through time have consistently been achieving the same things simultaneously. Not only that but I’m very well aware of other artists doing the same thing. It’s not even just an artist thing. people all over do it for all sorts of reasons. I like that people take pictures of these little statues.

As I do the building my Human is constantly adjusting to position the rocks so they sit harmoniously on top of other rocks. I play with color in some, texture in other. Some I work with the “Structural Integrity” having multiple points, to rest the rocks as I stack higher.

I like to look for interesting rocks that stand out in the pile of ever changing rocks. I’ve been there enough to see some of the same rocks and work with them over and over.

I have been doing 2 figures sitting next to each other the last couple of nights. Tonight was a Yellow Rock statue next to a black statue. In between we some really well polished stones, with some fun lines from aging.

Just stacking rocks in Ocean Beach California during sunset to get some artistic energy going. I hope to see you out there.

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Okay… Really

Sometimes I feel like I’m a little crazy, but I don’t mean it in the sense of “Crazy” I mean it like Will Ferrel says in Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

Am I really the only one out there, besides my wife that “believe.”

And Believe that we are closer & closer everyday to finding the solution to our problems. Not just our personal economical issues but World issues.

Here is what I see:
Wall Street = Criminals, with families to feed and mortgages to pay
Common Looter = Criminal, with families to feed and rent to pay
Rapist, Murder, politician, religions leaders All Criminals in their own ways… Need I point them out? Ask Google, that search engine will answer your question un-biasly, regardless of who is asking the question. Go on I dare you. I don’t blame you for not though. No, one likes to be wrong. I find myself only making sense to me, due to the inadequacy of the individuals to embrace what I’m saying. Spend some time with yourself, question every preference you have then trash it. By trash it I mean recognize it as being a preference that you have developed and try something else the next time you want your preference. The hardest part is being enough self aware to be able to call out a preference.

For the most part people get what I’m talking about, they actually have the same thoughts and Ideas I do. I’m just documenting them as I go, as a learning experience for anyone with the curiosity to read all of my past thoughts, and future thoughts. Not only am I documenting the process I am trying to educate my way through every little detail I come across. One major detail I keep finding is that people as willing to say they are willing or have been changing, actually are changing, and trying to adapt to the current day. I’m calling you out, when you find me contact me I would like to see what you are doing, to help rectify the collapsing social system we have been so accustom to for all these years. This blog is helping me be active in a way I see most conducive of my time. That activity is helping refine writing abilities, and creative thinking. What are you doing to improve your human? This blog is also a timeless tracking devise of the progression of this idea of Peace Transcending Borders through Facebook, to unite all of the participitants of facebook to stand up with no threat and announce to the World you are on the side of WORLD PEACE. The cool thing is you don’t have to do anything. You simply like a page.

I call it a collapse because things are failing, and they are failing in a more dramatic rate “right now,” then they have in documented past. This acceleration of failing is due to the internet. Exposing the ugly truths still in the World. These ugly truths are our, Here in America, as much as we like to think, our politicians are not corrupt in some way, but are separating into 3 major parties. Democrats, Republican. and The Tea Party There of course are the other parties, green, liberals, and others, but these guys don’t really make it into the BIG BOY positions. The Democrats have a new partner to help them win in 2012, and that’s the division of the Republican party. The more the Republicans are exposed to themselves and the Tea Party they will start to question which side is the “Crazy” side, forcing them to make a decision. Well here is a half intelligent decision for you to take into account. That is… They are BOTH crazy & you are a Democrat. It’s okay, look at their politics. They are on your side too, just not force feeding you BS.

With that said about politics and my supposed collapse of it. I would like to point out that A.P.E. is not a political group, nor are we a religious entity of any kind. This is a personal blog, about an artist perception of the World.

I feel, we need to come to the realization as a Whole, that the boundaries we set so many years before any of us were born. Generations and Generations have established this boundary system to divide land. To divide groups, and divide even more down to the individual it is to govern that area. With the birth of the internet just decades ago, the abundance of information has developed infinitely over that time. Social Media has created a way to show us that those boundaries are still harmful, and that we as a people can reach across borders and meet others that are willing to take a stand of silent peace on line. There can be no violence of a protest like this. It’s soul function would be to prove that the message of Peace is stronger than any other organized entity out there. That Peace is in our Hearts and minds, and that we are hopeful for a peaceful future.

That time is now,

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Colbert Nation Portrait Contest

A.P.E. Al Peoples Everywhere 2011, Stephen Colbert 2011 Portrait

A.P.E. Al Peoples Everywhere 2011, Stephen Colbert 2011 Portrait

This is a submission to the Colbert Nations 2011 Portrait contest. We would love to have the Colbert Bump, keep your fingers crossed.

You can see the original art at http://www.colbertnation.com, on the right of the screen you can download the original to see what you get to start with.

Stephen had Shepard Fairy on his show just the other night and he added his message of OBEY to the original portrait so I re-added that and the art he did on the badge.

Now it says OBEY A.P.E., meaning to OBEY the masses. It’s time for the people to start standing up and taking back the right to a free country. Let the Left and Right go play with them selves, when the rest of the population goes out and does something about the mess they have created.

Our generation is watching what our parents put in place fall apart, and as the next generation of people that care we need to take into account the failed lessons our parents have taught us and make sure we do not repeat them. Segregation has never worked so why do we insist on being segregated from the rest of the World.

Unite online forpeaceful rallies, and show in numbers we do care and we do not want to take it any more. Social Media allows us just that safe environment to show your support for ending the insanity.

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Blog for blog sake

“He had a whole lot of nothing to say.” ”||”[][]|,,

I feel that way… I’m sure a lot of us out there feel that same way. He/She…

Some of us, however feel they are Right & “need” to stand up for that right. They instill words on our ears, images for our eyes, word & images created to evoke feeling. Feelings to elicit, a physical response within the Observer. Sometimes we stand up for things that are not productive to Our collective well being. We take jobs out of necessity, to pay the over-interested, over-inflated, and collapsing economy. These jobs may be productive jobs, and some may be destructive jobs.

These jobs We go to, out of necessity, take a majority of your day and hours. These days and hours are now being seen in these 2 categories Productive|Destructive the gray in between exists only as a thin line, as light as it is thin.

“Supply & Demand” has driven the market so far out of control We feel forced to do the things that are in the destructive side. In a sense We are forced, but We forced ourselves. We continue to force these destructive jobs to grow by watering them with daily use, and frequent updates on how we can services the people in power, more. The more We feed “Them” the more out of control the situation becomes, eventually leading to the collapse of what was once a great nation.

This collapse is not something to be afraid of or fear. This collapse is the new era coming in. The force “It” has is way larger, than the force that lead to the collapse of that nation. This era, that is coming will show again in time the mistakes We continue to make by segregating land and properties.

We can see the past and some of the clearer mistakes We have made. Such as Woman’s Liberation, African American, and our Countries original goal of finding a place free to worship however you wanted. It was opportunity then and that opportunity is here again.

With Social Media as large as it is We can see clearer that the message of communication can transcend, borders of nations, religious beliefs, and political policies. Facebook on its own would be the 4th largest Country in the World if it could be a country.

Right there tells me We have the power to expose the Magician behind Wall Street as being the common criminal masked as a contemporary business man. These crooks, continue to feed an engine that is quickly overheating, and waiting to break down.

Let them embrace the time off to reflect on the acts they partook in for the last X amount of years. Let the torment of knowing the destructive force of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and use of common thugs to reposes properties We can no longer pay for, or just plain don’t want to pay any more. Let them feel what it feels like for that common thug to come and pick up the things they “worked so hard” for.

I question your methods of Work, hidden behind “Ethics” of making money for your clients. What if your “God,” and Lust for Money and possessions was just a ploy to enslave you as you have to the lower class. What if your world was ending the same as the judgment you cast upon your working man, with the end of your money intake?

If We stop paying because We simply can’t or won’t. Your gravy train leaves. That’s what happens.

You cut off the lower classes “gravy train” a long time ago, now you are seeing your error. When you farm out your goods and services and cross borders you agitate the same structure you are fighting to keep alive. You rub a wound that keeps itching and you just don’t know what to do, so you itch it. Well stop. let it heal. It will.

The structure of organized boundaries and taxation based on your country of origin, is old. It’s a thought that has been proven through time that it doesn’t work. The U.S. existed We were a great nation, We are now a Nation of Political leaders, leading a bunch of stuck scared people. These people are the ones that make this a country at all. These people outnumber the number of people in control. Even our policing system will see the use in helping the process heal as fast as it can with as little suffering as possible.

We now have a unique moment in history where this switch from a monetary structure has to flip. The antiquated process of quantifying self worth has been perverted by the Credit System and the help of inflation’s and criminal minds that only want to protect the things the purchase from the common man.

They too are common men, and need money to survive. When you send the money to other countries the money tends to stay in that country. The people need it more than ours. So they are willing to take work for less pay, encouraging the rich to save money by farming out, and selling out what they are trying to protect. Again trying to protect the things they buy.

Stop trying to tell us that we are separate from the rest of the World and the healing can start. Stop with your over inflated sense of self pride guided by your parents anger. Stop creating more disasters (bp EXON)

Start employing the Designers of Our future. Start seeking out this message. You will see it over and over, more and more. We are willing to do it for Free if it benefits ALL. With enough people doing it out of the kindness of their heart, we could feed and shelter the entire World with the technology, resources, and deployment methods.

In stead of War you take pity on countries, supply them with Aid as food and shelter, and how to build on a sustainable structure unknown to man present day.

Stop installing Mcdonalds and Starbucks in these new territories, you know it’s destructive, you see what it did here, it’s not going to change there. It’s only going to postpone your healing.

The Idea of Capitalism has turned to a monopoly, lets go with that.

The structure of costcos supply and delivery if we start manufacturing useful products for sustaining life here in the U.S. like mobile free greenhouses for poorer neighborhoods, and supplying those tools for growing food to people in need we have a start to a long term solution. Using Costcos as a home base to pick up your sustainability packs of fresh fruits and vegetables. Not all the electronic gizmos, TV, Cell Phones… Not only is that an opportunity for our people to track us it is the opportunity for the country that is supplying us with all of these pieces of technology to track us. It wouldn’t be the first time a comunist country tried to dominate the world. With a free map of all of our houses, created by a simple chip implanted in any number of house hold devices, would be a great way to infiltrate a society protected as ours is.

Our doors are open, you keep them open when you supply them ample room to invade your space, privacy…

Stop buying china and having it shipped here. lets start shipping things there. useful things for them like was to clean up the mess we created over there with our obsessions for nick knacks.

I’m out!

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