I was here… February 25, 2011

I just don’t have anything nice to say…

Perhaps a list of things you can and probably are already doing to HELP collapse the economy.

1) DO NOT complaining out loud about the crooks in control of money (Banks, Wall Street, Mortgage Companies, Insurance Companies)
2) Continue buying things on sale
3) Continue to by things from China
4) Don’t demand products from the U.S.A
5) Keep paying your mortgage
6) Keep signing contracts, any contract, even new credit debt with interest, phone plans
7) Don’t mention to the employees that you are sick of companies having control
8) Keep throwing away everything
9) Keep driving your petroleum based vehicles
10) Keep paying the higher prices at the pump
11) Keep going to work
12) Keep paying your insurance
13) Keep playing the lottery
14) Keep watching Televisions
15) Keep out of Politics
16) Keep spreading Religion
17) Keep thinking you can make a million and be famous
18) Keep thinking America is Capitalistic
19) Keep thinking that any segregation is okay
20) Don’t mind the few who are trying to HELP


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