A.P.E. Rock Garden Army February 9, 2011

Holy, I made a ton of rock statues, I just couldn’t stop. Every time I would stop I would find a new rock that wanted to be part of the army. I just kept stacking and stacking. People were coming and going. Taking pictures, and commenting to me as well as each other.

A few surfers checked out my work for the day as well. They were out there entertaining me and here I was providing them with entertainment when they get done.

One surfer was asking me the name of the statues I was making. I had no idea, so I’ll have to look that up later.

I think I need to be on the wiki page for this effort. This was 29 statues I created that will no longer be there tomorrow due to the tide. I have been doing this for a while now just no one “important” has noticed me. Well F you people, I’m a rock stacker, I can can balance quicker then you can pick up a rock. Size, shape, no challenges. Anything goes, and each statue will never be for sale.

Here are my blurry images, if you would like to by be a new iPhone4, Version please I can document better.


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