Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day A.P.E.

Man you would think that today would have a little good will in it. So I was stacking rocks, and some old surfer, that’s been here for 64 years, was afraid that the 3-5 lb rounded rocks I was placing, mind you way out in the exposed ocean, would scratch his surf board.

Well Dude, I mean you no disrespect. I removed my stack of rocks, and placed them with the other rocks, randomly even, so the chances of my actions are for sure not going to touch your Precious Surfboard.

I certainly do not mean any harm to the larger entity out there either, being the Planet.

I’m under the impression that, the area I frequent, has a significant amount of water rushing in and out. Hundreds, Thousands, Hundred of thousands, even Millions of gallons of ocean salt water is circulating, itself, day in and out, 24 hours a day -7 days a week, for thousands, perhaps even Millions of years.

These rocks I stack are a result of erosion and time, with the water of the ocean, and powers you and I can not understand fully, influencing the shape, size, color and even it’s position where it may lay and any given time while it is still a rock and not just dust, and sand.

These rocks I stack and have stacked do not remain even remotely close to where I placed them the day before. Fact, Logic, and reason are all on my side. The Earth is not flat, it is round, as these rocks, round and through time will roll to new positions, letting time erode them even more. Let me be to do Art,

The idea is of impermanence, true these rocks will fall in time, perhaps in your “Channel,” perhaps it will wash far, far, far away, never to be seen in the area again.

You, sir, surfer, observer of Art, for art sake. Your ignorance in the way you approach communicating with another Human are the reason we are in a this position, in this day and age of America. I suggest you find a better outlet for your anger..

With my stacking of rocks, I collected trash, trash that was not my responsibility. Trash that perhaps would add to the amount of trash accumulating in OUR Ocean. Bottle caps with rough metal edges, edges ripe for cutting your ride, or the rust that would enter you blood stream from a cut from your exposed feet on the Ocean floor you surf on.

You’re welcome, Surfer. You’re welcome that there are people out there that actually care to stand up to your stubborn bulling methods, and are willing to take action in things larger than their pastimes of lust and waste on this Planet.

The message of MLK is very clear, leaders like MLK come along every once in a while becuase there is a World of people that are still unwilling to wake up and open their eyes. I recognize your leadership and guidance MLK.

Al Peoples Everywhere
remember… MLK was A.P.E.

Oh yeah I hope you enjoy the 15 other stacks I left, when you were gone. See I’m going to be here way after you old surfer. My generation is about to decide your fate. I suggest you start practicing your listening skills.

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Friday update from A.P.E.

Made lots of things for A.P.E. this week. Some Duck Tape Bags, with recruit YOU ARE A.P.E. Slogan.

Flyers 1/8 page, 1/4 page and full page

Updated blog passionately about Art

Participated in O.B. Rag Community pot hole contest, We submitted 27 total pot holes in O.B.

Came out with a: Go A.P.E. – GOING A.P.E. & GONE A.P.E Sticker Campaign Outilne

Located a 3rd site to Beautify with arts – THIS IS A BIG ONE GOING TO NEED LOTS OF PAINT FROM THE COMMUNITY. oh and more Artist

Made Contact with A.P.E. Member – UMMMM Note She has sent 8, yes that’s Eight Recruits. Project 1 in a Million is up to my first 6 recruits to make it happen
if you are a recruit and are the first time with A.P.E. You MUST create. if you do not know of a constructive assignment We have plenty of Ideas, and even more opportunities to make Art. See a little further down in the blog for GO A.P.E. GOING A.P.E. & GONE A.P.E. low tack sticker project, in the http://wp.me/p1hrXM-P blog Letter to the Media.

Had at least 6 talks about the Arts with strangers

Had wonderful conversations with native O.B.ers, seems like the community is up for a group like this. Now the artists participation is the beautiful part.

Followed the Art Scene, nothing new there… Banksy, and Shepard are doing just fine in this economy. How are you doing? Let’s make some noise A.P.E.

A.P.E. Still needs a Face, it’s open for a Graphic Design project, submit your logo to the facebook site and We will critique your work, and make some rounds of revisions… You know go through the process… If you don’t know the process then you really need to reach out to A.P.E.. I could spit out 10 designs in 20 minutes, and they would be fine. That’s no fun. Lets see what you can do.

Al Peoples Everywhere
remember… YOU ARE A.P.E.

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Letter to “the Media” From A.P.E.

Community Service is constant, and the Planet could use a little face lift from the Arts scene.

We would again like to use individual resources, to continue A good spirited will, well beyond January. By Using peoples $299 Iphone, and Blackberries to help future projects. Focusing on the abundance of large pieces of trash, on our streets and in our alleys.

Using local printers, or home printers, you can get a low tack adhesive paper. Print the PDF with GO A.P.E., GOING A.P.E, and GONE A.P.E. trim to size and start locating the large pieces of trash out there. Low tack is important to preserve the item for later use. The idea is to call attention to it in hopes someone takes care of it. I’m not talking about putting a sticker on cigarette butts, but useful things that people are just discarding.


Once we locate the “trash,” the artists walking the streets, will see this sticker and know it’s okay to fix that item. Also using digital smart phones, it’s easy to track and publish these items on-line through facebook, building All of our communities, local and online. It also starts building a place for people to find objects they may be looking for in our area. This is a WAY better idea than Craigslist, because you can map and track things, then visually display it in one place on-line for all artists to look at.

Imagine if you will, the artists around creating larger projects using simple things like Social Media, Smart Phones and technology, to not only clean up, but, give the World that Artist touch.

A.P.E. Is a current Movement being performed by a new Ocean Beach artist. My background is in the Fine Arts B.F.A., I do digital media for a living. In my spare time I meditate on ending the suffering of all Sentient Beings, or creating Art for Art sake. In the process of doing my career, meditation and fine Art I realized the potential for the Media, You and A.P.E. use, this, timeless entity of endless data and constantly growing universe of free information we call the internet, is a perfect place to plant the seed of what A.P.E. is and let it grow. This realization is the spark of A.P.E. a painting if you will, in time it will show it’s face on-line.

With help, our communities can be graffiti free, bum free, trash free… And filled with more Art. Using our local resources to find paint and supplies to fix the really rough parts, then work on the little things. The artists are there, the supplies are there, let’s put them together and use them for Community Service.

Artists are out there scouring Craigslist for something to do, the jobs that are posted are all loaded with spammers and scams. The economy is, well at a stand still. We have time and resources, we just need to have organization, drive and passion for the things we love. A.P.E. is these qualifications. Using our leadership, teaching, media skills as well as knowledge of the gravity of our Media and how We can use that to help All societies.

In depressions, Art flourishes. We are in fertile ground, organizing these Artist is a goal of the A.P.E. project, I offer these services to our community to educate so we may enjoy life that much more.

Focusing on Global issues… If we make enough noise in O.B. this internet thingy can spread the news fast. ImprovEverywhere pulled off a Great video of Pantless riders on the subways in New York. I think we can do better then that.

I appreciate your thoughts and time, for this community, and wish to use my services to help you with your message of community.


Al Peoples Everywhere, Project recruit.

Remember YOU ARE A.P.E. & you do not talk about A.P.E.

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About the A.P.E. Movement – 2011 Al Peoples Everywhere

“Kaprow explains that happenings are not a new style, but a moral act, a human stand of great urgency, whose professional status as art is less critical than their certainty as an ultimate existential commitment. He argues that once artists have been recognized and paid, they also surrender to the confinement, rather the tastes of the patrons (even if that may not be the intention on both ends). “The whole situation is corrosive, neither patrons nor artists comprehend their role…and out of this hidden discomfort comes a stillborn art, tight or merely repetitive and at worst, chic.” Though the we may easily blame those offering the temptation, Kaprow reminds us that it is not the publicist’s moral obligation to protect the artist’s freedom, and artists themselves hold the ultimate power to reject fame if they do not want its responsibilities. (Wardrip-Fruin, 87) “

Uncle Sam Recruit Poster - A.P.E. - 2011 - Happenings - Calling Al Peoples Everywhere


Current Happening Now On Facebook 2011 Recruit going on.

Current Campaigns:
Objective: Take 6 unique artists & turn them into 1 million artists. See 6 degrees of separation, Pay it forward, and on-line gorilla marketing..

Use Digital Media to help grow the A.P.E. identity, and document it in real time, letting you interact with the artist.

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Documenteries – and Al Peoples Everywhere A.P.E

Documentaries, are the Arts way of progressing. Documenting in moving pictures, the things in Human history, instead of writing them down. These documentaries shed light on our evolution as a species. These for the most part are good ways the Arts are improving the quality of Human life. These documentaries are showing you that change is possible, the technology is out there, the Human Spirit will rise again and show that through documentaries.

Zeitgeist, is one documentary that is a unique example of a few of these technologies, and motivated people working together to create a Movement. Movements recognize important structures of the future, and what the ramifications of those structures are and how to counter act those preemptive ramifications. The Zeitgeist Movement is nothing new, it may even be older than time as we know it.

The use of Social Media arose out of the need for people to unite and re-examine their roots. The harsh economy has created the opportunity for those people to sit in front of Free Information for hours on end. Our curiosity, developed new content for us to absorb, and the need to search it out. Our curiosity was then rewarded by the jewels we found, these jewels were peoples words and thoughts. We consumed at maddening rates, we introduced our children to technology, and the information available out there. It was thin at first, but the abundance of time and energy put into this new media started to show it’s scale.

People were interested in what they found. Social Media took another turn when we realized that it was a way to satisfy our need to be in touch with other Humans. Humans that were interested in the same things we were, to help spread a word. We kept in touch with loved ones that we usually would not, showing us that compassion still transcends the limitations of the current technologies. We reached out to business partners to form deeper relationships with clients.

Social Media is the new Documentary, it captures Human interaction in real time. Meaning with interest, one place on the internet has the ability to spark life forming Art. This new Art is spontaneous, alive, and will be available as long as Social Media survives. A.P.E. would like to capture and document these events, creating more energy, and more cells popping up around the World, to prove the point that Art will survive, and with Art we can save our race.

Graphic Design is the practice of the Arts that propagates the messages business want to convey. Our right as Artists is to decline the exponential growth of negativity, and the permanence on the internet. Just Don’t Do It. Refuse to send messages irresponsible to the masses, take control of your destiny, and change your part of the World.

Yes, there are people out there that are desperate enough to take that job, and propagate that negativity, those people are the ones we need to reach out to with more than words, but with gestures of kindness, and other opportunities to express the creative urge they have.

Create new opportunities for them, new ideas for them to send. New productive messages filled with passion for the Human race. New opportunities to fill the holes and break down the walls they have built in resistance to compassion.

We propose to you A.P.E. Al Peoples Everywhere, a group of like minded Artist gathering in front of you every day, to create and spread the message of Arts. Visit our Facebook page to read more about our Movements

We are recruiting Artist for the 2011 year, raising awareness through Social Media as well as starting a Movement to propagate Art in the Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs and Point Loma areas. This recruit is happening on line, Artists are finding the message of A.P.E., they are interested in the idea of A.P.E. and willing to help.

Join us and send the message on to 6 other Artists you may know that are interested in Progressive art, and joining a Movement online.

We choose 6 as a base number for people to have a specific number of friends in mind for this project. Sending this message to 6 people will only have to propagate 7 times to reach well over a Million Fans. With the right people in mind to send the message of A.P.E, Al Peoples Everywhere,  could have a Million Fans in less than a few hours.

The message is Art, talk about it, whatever your medium tell people you are excited about what you are doing, create new Art to celebrate it and promote yourself as and Artist.

This message, will inspire those to join A.P.E creating our Art project and documenting one of the first of many cells of art community using Social Media to document Human Existence, so we may learn from our errors and progress to a new Era.

breathe, connect with your Human and hear A.P.E.

Al Peoples Everywhere

remember… YOU ARE A.P.E.

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Productivity Report for A.P.E. – the time is now Join A.P.E.

We just registered for http://zeitgeistsandiego.com movie sneak peek free on Sunday in San Diego, Downtown. We encourage people who read this post to visit zeitgeist, movements, happenings, events and get involved. Social Media, is our tool now to use to send the message that is long over due, the message transcends religion, politics, and boundaries.

Movements are popping up, the word is out there. It brought you here, and will inspire you to do the same, and spread the words of understanding, and compassion. It’s going to tell you to post these words to your friends and family, to stamp it’s permanent mark in time and space using the internet as the motor to drive this new Era, and mark everywhere, to remind Us we are all One.

ImprovEverywhere pulled off No Pants Sunday subway ride just this last Sunday, January 9, 2011. Check out the video, 3000 people participated, in taking off their pants in the name of Art. If that’s you, YOU ARE A.P.E.  http://improveverywhere.com/2011/01/02/no-pants-subway-ride-2011-details-for-new-york/

Life is short on this Planet, We are lucky to be here. We now have the ability to reach across boundaries, using logic and passion to keep the motor running, and in time making a change for the better. Seek out more positive messages, and send those on using your facebook profiles to spread the word. Every time you run across a news story that is inspiring to you pass it on to friends and family, let them decide if they want to continue the message you are spreading.

We also made contact with a few more key artists today, and are excited to have them at A.P.E. and working with us to create these larger projects.

Others have expressed interest today, I assume, seeing us somewhere. They have done what We keep asking for and that’s the time and energy you are willing to show for your planet. Join Al Peoples Everywhere facebook page to find out way more, about our movement and future plans.

We have some new examples of low tack stickers with GO A.P.E., GOING A.P.E., AND GONE A.P.E. slogans for recruiting.

Worked on Heartfelt Collections logo today!

Worked For Siwel Communications on a Flash Animation

and went around spreading the words of A.P.E.

Question everything, & Google it if you are not sure.

Al Peoples Everywhere

remember… YOU ARE A.P.E.

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A Campaign Season Rife With Gun Rhetoric

These people are dangerous, irresponsible, cowards, hiding behind a misguided notion that guns will protect you from your neighbors. Well these gun toting idiots are the ones I’m afraid of. In these times we are going to see more and more of this type behavior popping up.
We are at what civilization calls a Fall Line, meaning a false sense of being stuck, and being able to see the mirage in the distance, but not being able to get there. This fall line I see is the next revolution in the World. We as people are seeing more and more that we have made mistakes, and we are willing to start rectifying those acts. These acts are placed upon us from our Fathers, Fathers, Fathers and will continue as long as we continue to ignore the clear messages we are seeing in the Media today. This fall line is created by our fathers, and mothers, through an unconscious means, they wanted nothing more then to help us, and that’s what they tried to do with the information and political, religious beliefs presented to them, by their parents, and grandparents and down the line to the beginning of America, when immigrants were, us, and our families seeking refuge from our European ancestors.

The problem really arises out of the information that is being taught to our people, and what information people are willing to consume. The fall line of America, being it’s boundaries is slowly going away with hope for the next destinations path to be cleared for Humans to continue into the next Era. We have learned that race discrimination is wrong, yet it is still there. We have given rights to women, when they where wrongful give only to men.We are slowly changing the way we view life on this Planet, the next phase is here.

We have had many dreamers that break down the walls of society to shed more light on the future of the race. We have seen the individuals in religion, tarnish the names of what was once powerful entities. We’ve seen the start to the decay of politics, and the exposure of the corrupt having control. We see clearer, that in numbers people out number the policy makers. Politicians run for the position of leader, but have no understanding of the gravity of the responsibility they are taking on. Once the Politicians get in, they see the Fall Line, causing them to freeze, and causing our society to halt. This session of congress is a great example of how truly out of control we are as a Nation. Things will not get done with the current system in place, we have created a Stalemate between parties. the Parties have recognized that separation and propagated it to their followers. see tea party, green party, liberals and more

Philosophy, ethics, and logic are three practices we need to continue to develop, to see the break in the fall line, and how to get past the mental hurdle in your way. Philosophy, will teach you the structure as to which you can form a true educated position, to start your change. Ethics, will guide your practices to do no harm, no matter what. Logic, will tell you that everything is going to be alright, Life will continue, even without us, and that everything is impermanent, and ALL must go through the cycle of life to work correctly.

Again no new messages, just preaching to preach. probably to people that think in a similar fashion to me. These are merely thoughts of an Artist, put together from observations and information gathered on this Planet.

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Offered Appologies for AZ, Gabbie Gillford, friends & Family

It’s in the news…everyone want’s to know about AZ, Arizona, the troubled teen, the message he received, and his personal actions taken.

There are many tragedies to be learned from here. One is history has this problem of repeating itself. The problem exists because we refuse to change our habits. Most people will take the side of, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I take the side of, “It works, it’s human error, that messes it up”. If you’re playing with a dysfunctional toy (internet/web), or a toy that you only know parts of, you will get varied results. These results are actions that come into this world, create the illusion of chaos, and help spiral that illusion timelessly on-line. These permanent illusions of temporary thought manifest into reality when the human mind takes over the body and forces it to act on impulse. Trying to refrain from acting causes a conflict internally, forcing the mind to go into “Fight or Flight.” The “Fight or Flight” signal turns to confusion, and confusion turns to anger, anger then gets displayed through a physical act, or in most of our cases the urge to retreat and stay away from conflict. We are well practiced in avoiding conflict, and the system in place keeps us in check and protects us from human error. This toy people are playing with, the internet and mass media, is just as dangerous as any weapon. The pen IS mightier than the sword.

In this case, a simple graphic is enough to force a human into thinking “There is no other way; I must do this”. Simple implications become horrifying realities when the information we choose to consume and distribute to our people is loaded with visual cues, a sense of urgency, a call to action, and humans at their “Fall Lines.” This equation is disastrous, and can be prevented by artists reclaiming their rights and not pushing irresponsible, uneducated thought on the masses.

Art was once a beautiful representation of life and it’s events. It’s a long time since that has held true for most art.

These days art is created and disregarded – it’s trash – but the message is still there. Now with the internet, we have a new problem with the distribution of art. The field of graphic design was created to fill the gap between art movements, to help sell a vision of what life can be like. This movement of graphic design perverted the art system and created this current society. A system of fear took reign, causing us to retreat.

It’s time to take that “Flight” energy and manifest it into something productive and creative. Stop the human error, before it can start, by not sending on the negative messages, but focusing on the help you can create for this situation. The Gillford’s have set up relationships with volunteer organizations to help work through the grief.

Seek those groups out, they are always in need of helping people. Continue to improve your human in 2011 by donating some time to help out. If we can’t use our taxes to support our people, we need to use people to support our people.

In the times of “Economic Depression,” community involvement is a must. People out of work have time. Harness that time and energy, do something constructive, not destructive, promote your area, and show interest in your community. Art thrives in Economic Depressions, so use this opportunity to show what you are made of and show the community you will not have apologies instead of friends and family – stop the bullets.

The Hippies had it right with Peace, Love and all that… They just didn’t have the internet to to spread the words of wisdom we sometimes forget. Lets move on, by addressing our mistakes in the past and take steps to correct them with Love and Peace.

Offer your apologies here for the friends and family of this AZ tragedy and move on to news that is more constructive for your mind.

Al Peoples Everywhere

remember YOU ARE A.P.E.

Facebook Al Peoples Everywhere for updates of Art Happenings in Ocean Beach, CA to help rally community involvement, and help make change.

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Arizona Shooting in 2011 Attention artists

This is what I’m taking about!!!!!! You ARTISTS out there that think you are doing a service, YOU are KILLERS@!!!!!! for the Love of Pete, this graphic, I’m not going to post it, or propagate it more than my words for the distaste of media & the artist that create these vile works of propaganda. Enough!!!! Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you have to do it. You have a moral obligation, to the world when you are a graphic designer, artists or other person that wants to take things into their own hands. You need to be careful, shame on you artist that created the graphic, shame on Sarah Palin for allowing such a Monstrosity, to be visualized and irresponsibly placed in a public place, in plain view for BILLIONS to see, shame on the media for continuing to show such smut, that graphic should be removed, and called contraband, and further propagation or spread of that image should be contained as best as possible.

J.L.L the shooter, the name that should not be named. This story is counter productive for our society, in order to fight this Horror we need to place 6, good willed acts to counter act what this F8*^&er did. I’ll Do my 6. How about you? Think of them like push-ups, they may be hard for those of us out of shape, but will be worth it in the long run if everyone is with you.



Those are my 2 about that!

Remember YOU ARE A.P.E.

Join A.P.E. On facebook

Sarah Palin is a major agrogite to the slaying of Arizon Rep.

This is irresbonsible art, the artists license should be striped, from the Ass that created it.

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Contact Al Peoples Everywhere on Facebook if you are interesed in this medium mens t-shirt

This is a FREE shirt for a recruit, Join Al Peoples Everywhere on FB

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