Okay… Really

Sometimes I feel like I’m a little crazy, but I don’t mean it in the sense of “Crazy” I mean it like Will Ferrel says in Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.”

Am I really the only one out there, besides my wife that “believe.”

And Believe that we are closer & closer everyday to finding the solution to our problems. Not just our personal economical issues but World issues.

Here is what I see:
Wall Street = Criminals, with families to feed and mortgages to pay
Common Looter = Criminal, with families to feed and rent to pay
Rapist, Murder, politician, religions leaders All Criminals in their own ways… Need I point them out? Ask Google, that search engine will answer your question un-biasly, regardless of who is asking the question. Go on I dare you. I don’t blame you for not though. No, one likes to be wrong. I find myself only making sense to me, due to the inadequacy of the individuals to embrace what I’m saying. Spend some time with yourself, question every preference you have then trash it. By trash it I mean recognize it as being a preference that you have developed and try something else the next time you want your preference. The hardest part is being enough self aware to be able to call out a preference.

For the most part people get what I’m talking about, they actually have the same thoughts and Ideas I do. I’m just documenting them as I go, as a learning experience for anyone with the curiosity to read all of my past thoughts, and future thoughts. Not only am I documenting the process I am trying to educate my way through every little detail I come across. One major detail I keep finding is that people as willing to say they are willing or have been changing, actually are changing, and trying to adapt to the current day. I’m calling you out, when you find me contact me I would like to see what you are doing, to help rectify the collapsing social system we have been so accustom to for all these years. This blog is helping me be active in a way I see most conducive of my time. That activity is helping refine writing abilities, and creative thinking. What are you doing to improve your human? This blog is also a timeless tracking devise of the progression of this idea of Peace Transcending Borders through Facebook, to unite all of the participitants of facebook to stand up with no threat and announce to the World you are on the side of WORLD PEACE. The cool thing is you don’t have to do anything. You simply like a page.

I call it a collapse because things are failing, and they are failing in a more dramatic rate “right now,” then they have in documented past. This acceleration of failing is due to the internet. Exposing the ugly truths still in the World. These ugly truths are our, Here in America, as much as we like to think, our politicians are not corrupt in some way, but are separating into 3 major parties. Democrats, Republican. and The Tea Party There of course are the other parties, green, liberals, and others, but these guys don’t really make it into the BIG BOY positions. The Democrats have a new partner to help them win in 2012, and that’s the division of the Republican party. The more the Republicans are exposed to themselves and the Tea Party they will start to question which side is the “Crazy” side, forcing them to make a decision. Well here is a half intelligent decision for you to take into account. That is… They are BOTH crazy & you are a Democrat. It’s okay, look at their politics. They are on your side too, just not force feeding you BS.

With that said about politics and my supposed collapse of it. I would like to point out that A.P.E. is not a political group, nor are we a religious entity of any kind. This is a personal blog, about an artist perception of the World.

I feel, we need to come to the realization as a Whole, that the boundaries we set so many years before any of us were born. Generations and Generations have established this boundary system to divide land. To divide groups, and divide even more down to the individual it is to govern that area. With the birth of the internet just decades ago, the abundance of information has developed infinitely over that time. Social Media has created a way to show us that those boundaries are still harmful, and that we as a people can reach across borders and meet others that are willing to take a stand of silent peace on line. There can be no violence of a protest like this. It’s soul function would be to prove that the message of Peace is stronger than any other organized entity out there. That Peace is in our Hearts and minds, and that we are hopeful for a peaceful future.

That time is now,


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