Colbert Nation Portrait Contest

A.P.E. Al Peoples Everywhere 2011, Stephen Colbert 2011 Portrait

A.P.E. Al Peoples Everywhere 2011, Stephen Colbert 2011 Portrait

This is a submission to the Colbert Nations 2011 Portrait contest. We would love to have the Colbert Bump, keep your fingers crossed.

You can see the original art at, on the right of the screen you can download the original to see what you get to start with.

Stephen had Shepard Fairy on his show just the other night and he added his message of OBEY to the original portrait so I re-added that and the art he did on the badge.

Now it says OBEY A.P.E., meaning to OBEY the masses. It’s time for the people to start standing up and taking back the right to a free country. Let the Left and Right go play with them selves, when the rest of the population goes out and does something about the mess they have created.

Our generation is watching what our parents put in place fall apart, and as the next generation of people that care we need to take into account the failed lessons our parents have taught us and make sure we do not repeat them. Segregation has never worked so why do we insist on being segregated from the rest of the World.

Unite online forpeaceful rallies, and show in numbers we do care and we do not want to take it any more. Social Media allows us just that safe environment to show your support for ending the insanity.


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