Stacking Rocks Still

I’m still stacking rocks, I keep getting told “there is this one guy… in… that is stacking rocks…” Yeah. Well that’s what I’m doing, do you have something productive to add to my activity? How about you stacking some rocks.

I’m not sure what it is but artist through time have consistently been achieving the same things simultaneously. Not only that but I’m very well aware of other artists doing the same thing. It’s not even just an artist thing. people all over do it for all sorts of reasons. I like that people take pictures of these little statues.

As I do the building my Human is constantly adjusting to position the rocks so they sit harmoniously on top of other rocks. I play with color in some, texture in other. Some I work with the “Structural Integrity” having multiple points, to rest the rocks as I stack higher.

I like to look for interesting rocks that stand out in the pile of ever changing rocks. I’ve been there enough to see some of the same rocks and work with them over and over.

I have been doing 2 figures sitting next to each other the last couple of nights. Tonight was a Yellow Rock statue next to a black statue. In between we some really well polished stones, with some fun lines from aging.

Just stacking rocks in Ocean Beach California during sunset to get some artistic energy going. I hope to see you out there.


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